I came here to write about something else, but felt I’d rather join the choir of general outrage at the fact that Jian Ghomeshi was cleared yesterday on four counts of sexual assault and one count of choking at Old City Hall Courthouse in Toronto. To say this is horrifying seems tepid and insufficient. This […]

Calvin Bedient recently wrote an article, published on Poetry Daily‘s website, wherein he claims that Conceptualism preferences thought over feeling by valorizing non-expressive poetry that lacks political clout, leads to misery and depression, and is complicit in the subjugation of what he calls “the technologically proletarianized subject.” Bedient refers to the “value of affect” in defining what he […]

This last weekend, I was in Boston for the meeting of the Eastern Sociological Society to attend and present at their mini-conference on Digital Sociology. I was on a panel with Kari Waters (Syracuse University) and Nancy Ross (Dixie State University) talking about Digital Feminism and the pros and cons of using social media to advance social change. Their research […]

Recently, I attended a Twine workshop run by Cody and Eileen, and I decided to treat the tutorial and work session as a sort of game jam. I managed to finish a game that I called In Decision in two hours or so, which you can play here. When making this game, I tried my best to […]

This post adds to the weeknotes on the ISCS York / Ryerson ComCult conference that Eileen and Hilary and I attended last weekend in Toronto. Specifically, I want to briefly reflect on text — oral/written/other — that the presentation by Tanya Kan brought up in relation to her game Solace State (in progress, see trailer). […]

This weekend Hilary, Sandra and I attended the 2016 ISCS York/Ryerson ComCult conference in Toronto to present our panel on “The New Authentic: Performing the Real in Culture and Media.” I noticed afterwards, that all of our presentations touched on absent or ignored figures: with Sandra talking about the violence of authenticating mediums, Hilary discussing colonial erasure, and […]

This weekend Sandra, Eileen and I attended the ISCS York/Ryerson ComCult conference in Toronto to present our panel, “The New Authentic: Performing the Real in Culture and Media.” Attendees were jazzed to talk with us about Sad Girl theory, Real Dolls, ectoporn, disappeared bodies and colonial erasure via #liveauthentic and a rowdy discussion ensued. Eileen’s most […]

Imagine a fabric, illuminated by a constellation of neon bodies and particles. Their movements animate the mesh, and your movement catches one the thinner fabrics, the crenulated folds catch the multiplied light of the projected body. It swims past you in a helical spurt, searching for food. This is project Gaia, an interactive installation by […]

Early this week, an new productivity writing app was making the rounds. Calling itself “The Most Dangerous Writing App”, it’s a text editor that runs in the browser with one defining feature: stop typing and the screen grows redder and redder (the same visual feedback you’d find running low health in a first person shooter); […]

Last week, I had the chance to write an essay I’d been wanting to write for some time: a critical overview of Christian Bök’s The Xenotext: Book I, a book of poetry that, like all of Dr. Bök’s poetry, has significantly influenced my own poetic practice. I first read Crystallography in the early years of […]