Imagine a fabric, illuminated by a constellation of neon bodies and particles. Their movements animate the mesh, and your movement catches one the thinner fabrics, the crenulated folds catch the multiplied light of the projected body. It swims past you in a helical spurt, searching for food. This is project Gaia, an interactive installation by […]

Early this week, an new productivity writing app was making the rounds. Calling itself “The Most Dangerous Writing App”, it’s a text editor that runs in the browser with one defining feature: stop typing and the screen grows redder and redder (the same visual feedback you’d find running low health in a first person shooter); […]

I’ve been thinking about grids recently. In my own work, they’ve come up in a variety of contexts recently: – simple font rendering – pixel art editor – level editor – pathfinding algorithms I’m left with the question: why are they so common? One answer that Bernhard Siegert provides in his Cultural Techniques (Grids, Filters, […]

This week I’ve been thinking about two digital art movements in relation to the uncanny. Youtube Poops and Vaporwave. PBS idea channel recently covered Youtube Poop (ytp) with an introductory¬†playlist. Rugnetta argues that “Youtube poops provide an operator’s manual for modern media criticism”. I won’t go that far, but I think the form does provide […]

Some cursory notes on Cortana for this week. Cortana is introduced in the first cutscene of Halo¬†(2 mins): [transcription] “Things aren’t going well. Cortana did her best, but we never really had a chance” – Keyes “A dozen Covenant superior battleships against a single Halcyon-class light cruiser. Given those odds, I’m content with three … […]