Gina Hara, has been working in film for a long time, but her latest movie, Your Place or Minecraft, is her first time filming in-game. “I died several times shooting,” she tells me, laughing. “I refused to cut any corners. I didn’t film the flying scenes until my character developed the ability to fly.”  Your […]

When I sat down to work on this piece, I found myself thinking, how on earth did I end up writing about Kate Bush? Maybe it started the night Hilary and I taught Kate Bush’s famous red dress “Wuthering Heights” dance in the Media History Research lab after class. Or maybe it started when our […]

This last weekend, I was in Boston for the meeting of the Eastern Sociological Society to attend and present at their mini-conference on Digital Sociology. I was on a panel with Kari Waters (Syracuse University) and Nancy Ross (Dixie State University) talking about Digital Feminism and the pros and cons of using social media to advance social change. Their research […]

This weekend Hilary, Sandra and I attended the 2016 ISCS York/Ryerson ComCult conference in Toronto to present our panel on “The New Authentic: Performing the Real in Culture and Media.” I noticed afterwards, that all of our presentations touched on absent or ignored figures: with Sandra talking about the violence of authenticating mediums, Hilary discussing colonial erasure, and […]

Last week, I mentioned that I was making a game as a part of the Pixelles follow-along program. Pixelles is a Montreal-based non-profit organization dedicated to empowering more women (more specifically, non-dudes) to make and write about games. They host workshops, game jams, socials, and a yearly mentorship program called the Pixelles Incubator. Because only […]

I have only ever beat three video games in my life: Braid, Monument Valley, and Kentucky Route Zero. This is a confession I hate making, especially as a girl gamer, as I feel like it discredits my ‘skill’ (which matters, for some reason.) For a long time I thought that my failure to finish games was because I was bad at […]

“Chaos has to mean something. The avante-garde is always a moral argument.” We are sitting across the table from Sandeep Bhagwati, frantically scribbling down his words. He seems to have a tagline answer for every one of our questions: “99% of everything is bad, but that doesn’t mean it is meaningless.” Bhagwati has been at the […]

This week, every day has been bookended by news of the Jian Ghomeshi trial. The commentary on the previous days’ proceedings greet me on Facebook when I wake up and the live-tweets recounting the newest events are there for me to read before bed. Today, the articles on why women don’t (or shouldn’t) testify inspired by the Ghomeshi trial […]

There’s nothing like the invention of a new form of social media to send me into an existential crisis. This is especially true when the app promises to represent the “real me”, someone I am quite sure I have never encountered nor plan on meeting. In response to the app’s claims, I find myself quoting […]

In trying to find a way to briefly address some pretty complicated theories of selfhood for the latest draft of my POD piece on Beme, I found myself turning (as I often do) to Judith Butler and Samuel Beckett as a way of discussing performativity and the “real.” Butler and Beckett were key inspirations for my earlier research and writing, but […]