I’ve seen Tino Sehgal’s work twice now, live, and live is the only way you can see it. The first live piece I saw was This Variation at dOCUMENTA 13, and the second live piece was an exhibition at the Martin-Gropius-Bau in Berlin, which involved a haunting performance called Ann Lee, performed by a young […]

I came here to write about something else, but felt I’d rather join the choir of general outrage at the fact that Jian Ghomeshi was cleared yesterday on four counts of sexual assault and one count of choking at Old City Hall Courthouse in Toronto. To say this is horrifying seems tepid and insufficient. This […]

This post adds to the weeknotes on the ISCS York / Ryerson ComCult conference that Eileen and Hilary and I attended last weekend in Toronto. Specifically, I want to briefly reflect on text — oral/written/other — that the presentation by Tanya Kan brought up in relation to her game Solace State (in progress, see trailer). […]

I’ve been thinking lately about relationships between ectoplasm and porn. Behold: ‘Nuff said? This connection came about when I was brainstorming my article for the Re:turns conference coming up in March and thinking about mediums and affective labour and RealDoll and apps and authenticity, and then it dawned on me when I was casually scrolling […]

Joanna Berzowska’s work exists somewhere between industrial patents and intimate clothing. How do we account for the smelly or dirty or provocative elements of the body and of design? Speaking about the MIT Media Lab, Berzowska notes that there was a gender divide between how wearables were tackled by male researchers and how female researchers […]

I labelled this weeknote Part I of Isabelle-Stengers-gushing because I’m afraid I’m going to be coming back to this again and again. I apologize in advance, guys, but really, she is rocking my world, okay? This week, I’ve been thinking a lot about shifts in meaning. Of how it could be possible to navigate different […]

Where do all our likes go when clicked? Think about today alone, or even this morning: can you remember all of the things you’ve “liked”? What if I told you these things were being remembered, even curated? We know by now it is not just humans who are trawling the content that we produce online, […]

Too bad Cabinet just had their deadline for containers — I just moved last weekend and my life is boxes upon boxes. Upon boxes. And more boxes! But I’ve also been working on a project lately that I’ve told a couple of you about privately already. It’s called the Dark Archive and I was asked […]