After revisiting several texts that I collected over the past year (Aarseth’s Cybertext, Gitelman’s Always Already New, Slack & Wise’s Technology & Culture, and Goldsmith’s Wasting Time on the Internet) I can feel myself closing in on a more cohesive topic for my PhD thesis. The idea occupies an overlapping point shared by the fields […]

I’ve recently been revisiting Haraway’s ‘Cyborg Manifesto’ in order to think more critically about a posthuman theory of dance. I’ve also turned to Haraway’s more recent work, including a talk called “Anthropocene, Capitalocene, Chthulucene” (2014). Whereas in ‘Cyborg Manifesto’ (1985), Donna Haraway famously rejected the conventional, dualistic conception of the natural, positing the cyborg as a “boundary […]

I’ve been thinking about potential topics for my PhD, which will likely be somewhere in the realm of ‘Science, Technology and Society’, or STS. The University of Alberta’s description of their STS program sums up my academic interests eerily well, claiming to gather “insights from Anthropology, Art and Design, Economics, English and Film Studies, History, Sociology, […]

When I sat down to work on this piece, I found myself thinking, how on earth did I end up writing about Kate Bush? Maybe it started the night Hilary and I taught Kate Bush’s famous red dress “Wuthering Heights” dance in the Media History Research lab after class. Or maybe it started when our […]

Last weekend I presented on feminized and disembodied technologies at Brandeis University’s “Technology and the Human” conference. Sarah Brown (Concordia English MA) and I were the entirety of the panelm “Sexing Technology,” and our papers were well-received and inspired quite a bit of discussion. One reason why we drove six hours in the dark and endured […]

Recently, I attended a Twine workshop run by Cody and Eileen, and I decided to treat the tutorial and work session as a sort of game jam. I managed to finish a game that I called In Decision in two hours or so, which you can play here. When making this game, I tried my best to […]

This weekend Hilary, Sandra and I attended the 2016 ISCS York/Ryerson ComCult conference in Toronto to present our panel on “The New Authentic: Performing the Real in Culture and Media.” I noticed afterwards, that all of our presentations touched on absent or ignored figures: with Sandra talking about the violence of authenticating mediums, Hilary discussing colonial erasure, and […]

This weekend Sandra, Eileen and I attended the ISCS York/Ryerson ComCult conference in Toronto to present our panel, “The New Authentic: Performing the Real in Culture and Media.” Attendees were jazzed to talk with us about Sad Girl theory, Real Dolls, ectoporn, disappeared bodies and colonial erasure via #liveauthentic and a rowdy discussion ensued. Eileen’s most […]

Last week, I had the chance to write an essay I’d been wanting to write for some time: a critical overview of Christian Bök’s The Xenotext: Book I, a book of poetry that, like all of Dr. Bök’s poetry, has significantly influenced my own poetic practice. I first read Crystallography in the early years of […]

Over the past year or so, I’ve been embracing more and more constraint-based poetics in my own writing, since my natural inclinations led me to such writing over the course of my undergrad a few years back. I’ve moved from broader processural constraints such as erasure to experimentation with smaller-scale formal and linguistic constraints that […]