Toby Fox’s Undertale presents players with an odyssey of moral choices, conveyed through irreverent humour that parodies the tropes of the RPG genre. Undertale’s innovations on morality mechanics have made the game a sensation by providing players with a sophisticated system of choice based on morality. After being hounded for weeks by half a dozen […]

Last week, I mentioned that I was making a game as a part of the Pixelles follow-along program. Pixelles is a Montreal-based non-profit organization dedicated to empowering more women (more specifically, non-dudes) to make and write about games. They host workshops, game jams, socials, and a yearly mentorship program called the Pixelles Incubator. Because only […]

I have only ever beat three video games in my life: Braid, Monument Valley, and Kentucky Route Zero. This is a confession I hate making, especially as a girl gamer, as I feel like it discredits my ‘skill’ (which matters, for some reason.) For a long time I thought that my failure to finish games was because I was bad at […]

I’ve been thinking about grids recently. In my own work, they’ve come up in a variety of contexts recently: – simple font rendering – pixel art editor – level editor – pathfinding algorithms I’m left with the question: why are they so common? One answer that Bernhard Siegert provides in his Cultural Techniques (Grids, Filters, […]

This week I saw Hiroaki Umeda talk at SAT about his use of technology and dance. Umeda is a choreographer, dancer (or in his words, “mover”), and multidisciplinary artist involved in the Japanese avant-garde scene. His mission is a big one: to choreograph time and space. His recent piece, Intensional Particle, features projected moving images, featuring […]

“Chaos has to mean something. The avante-garde is always a moral argument.” We are sitting across the table from Sandeep Bhagwati, frantically scribbling down his words. He seems to have a tagline answer for every one of our questions: “99% of everything is bad, but that doesn’t mean it is meaningless.” Bhagwati has been at the […]

I’ve been thinking lately about relationships between ectoplasm and porn. Behold: ‘Nuff said? This connection came about when I was brainstorming my article for the Re:turns conference coming up in March and thinking about mediums and affective labour and RealDoll and apps and authenticity, and then it dawned on me when I was casually scrolling […]

In my spare time over the past two weeks, I’ve been binging on the original DOOM and DOOM II, as well as the TNT and Plutonia maps designed by the Casali brothers. Needless to say, the games are all but completely bereft of narrative, save for a few scant ‘text screens’, the first of which (appearing at the end […]

Joanna Berzowska’s work exists somewhere between industrial patents and intimate clothing. How do we account for the smelly or dirty or provocative elements of the body and of design? Speaking about the MIT Media Lab, Berzowska notes that there was a gender divide between how wearables were tackled by male researchers and how female researchers […]

This week I’ve been thinking about two digital art movements in relation to the uncanny. Youtube Poops and Vaporwave. PBS idea channel recently covered Youtube Poop (ytp) with an introductory playlist. Rugnetta argues that “Youtube poops provide an operator’s manual for modern media criticism”. I won’t go that far, but I think the form does provide […]