I’ve recently been revisiting Haraway’s ‘Cyborg Manifesto’ in order to think more critically about a posthuman theory of dance. I’ve also turned to Haraway’s more recent work, including a talk called “Anthropocene, Capitalocene, Chthulucene” (2014). Whereas in ‘Cyborg Manifesto’ (1985), Donna Haraway famously rejected the conventional, dualistic conception of the natural, positing the cyborg as a “boundary […]

Last weekend I presented on feminized and disembodied technologies at Brandeis University’s “Technology and the Human” conference. Sarah Brown (Concordia English MA) and I were the entirety of the panelm “Sexing Technology,” and our papers were well-received and inspired quite a bit of discussion. One reason why we drove six hours in the dark and endured […]

This weekend Sandra, Eileen and I attended the ISCS York/Ryerson ComCult conference in Toronto to present our panel, “The New Authentic: Performing the Real in Culture and Media.” Attendees were jazzed to talk with us about Sad Girl theory, Real Dolls, ectoporn, disappeared bodies and colonial erasure via #liveauthentic and a rowdy discussion ensued. Eileen’s most […]

When I ask Hon whether her dance with the photocopier felt like a solo or a duet, she answers without pause: “Duet. Uncompromising, problematic and non-communicative dance partner/lover.” (This week I’m preparing to give a talk for the HUMA conference. Here are some of my preliminary thoughts): Imagine a duet between a woman and a […]

This week I saw Hiroaki Umeda talk at SAT about his use of technology and dance. Umeda is a choreographer, dancer (or in his words, “mover”), and multidisciplinary artist involved in the Japanese avant-garde scene. His mission is a big one: to choreograph time and space. His recent piece, Intensional Particle, features projected moving images, featuring […]

In trying to find a way to briefly address some pretty complicated theories of selfhood for the latest draft of my POD piece on Beme, I found myself turning (as I often do) to Judith Butler and Samuel Beckett as a way of discussing performativity and the “real.” Butler and Beckett were key inspirations for my earlier research and writing, but […]

I’ve been thinking a lot about bodies and machines lately. This is hardly a shock given my proposed dissertation topic (on the dancer as instrument of new technology), my most recent POD piece (on the feminization and disembodiment of AI) and the class I’m taking this semester at McGill with Jonathan Sterne (titled “Bodies and […]